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Great Wall new media interview Youjiete

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    From heavy pollution to hengshui blue, from PM2.5 exceeding the standard to excellent appearance, the sky in Hengshui is getting bluer and bluer, and the air is getting fresher and fresher. The blue sky has become a part of the beautiful life of Hengshui people. As a leading enterprise in local environmental protection, how does Hengshui Youjiete take the road of sustainable development in terms of social responsibility? Ma Mingbo, deputy general manager of Youjiete, was interviewed by the Great Wall network.


    Company attaches great importance to environmental protection work from the management, to walk the road of sustainable development, to shoulder the responsibility, the economic decisions of corporate environmental responsibility, social responsibility, optimizing environmental protection and energy saving products from the equipment type selection, phase out old equipment, replacement of more environmental protection and energy saving equipment, workshop environment on efforts to increase the rate of workshop of non-organization waste gas discharged from the collection, for a good working environment for employees on hard, In 2019, the company was listed in the positive list, and was visited and praised by provincial and municipal leaders for many times. It was reported by CCTV Financial channel because of the company's advanced management concept of environmental protection and management effectiveness. It is a leading enterprise in the industry (FRP). In recent years, nearly 3 million yuan has been invested in the upgrading of environmental protection equipment. In 2020, the investment in environmental protection will be about 750,000 yuan. The integrated investment in environmental protection will benefit the enterprise. Secondly, the working environment of the company is improved to make it easier to retain talents, who are the foundation of the sustainable development of the company. In the future, we will continue to improve the equipment capacity and management level in accordance with the relevant national environmental protection requirements, and make new and greater contributions to winning the "blue sky" battle!


    He Yongfa, director of The Jizhou Branch of Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau, said in an interview that hengshui citizens' happiness of blue sky continued to increase, thanks to the four key measures we carried out. Among them, Ujet company as the representative, the implementation of waste gas treatment facilities multi-level processing technology, the installation of VOC online monitoring system real-time data monitoring, the maximum reduction of organic waste gas emissions, the installation of access control system, strict control of state five below the transport vehicles into the plant and a series of measures. In the performance classification of key industries in heavy pollution weather implemented by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, it was rated as a performance leading enterprise.


    Hengshui City ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment highly appraised the efforts made by Youjiete in environmental protection, and called on all industries to take action and make joint efforts for hengshui's green future!

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